Something different

Some people have been asking, “Why is Half Spent Was the Night so short? The simple answer is: “Because it was never meant to be long.” What I’d set out to do, from the very start, was write a short Yuletide tale—in the tradition of a Dickensian Christmas story, but with witches instead of ghosts. I’d wanted to create something different: —a small little book that could be tucked away in a pocket, —a tale that could be read in one sitting, either alone or aloud with friends by a crackling fire or dancing candlelight, —a story filled with ancient

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Half Spent Was the Night

So I’ve written a little tale that will appear mid-October (because a certain magical raven didn’t want to stop talking, even when I repeatedly told him I had a different book to write.) “I have unfinished business,” he said. “Can’t it wait?” I asked. “No,” he insisted. I don’t want to give too much away, but as you can see from the beautiful cover art, the Witches of New York are back, along with Perdu in a Yuletide story that to me sits somewhere between A Christmas Carol and a Dr. Who Christmas special. I’ve always adored short stories that

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