Jammie Dodgers for all!


Dear J. K. Rowling,

“They say it’s your Pub Day, (insert guitar riff)

It’s my Pub Day too, yeah!

We’re gonna have a good time…

I’m glad it’s your Pub Day,

Happy Pub Day to you.”

– with apologies to the Beatles.

It’s September 27, 2012 and it’s a big day for Ms. Rowling since her first novel for adults, The Casual Vacancy is now on bookstore shelves. It’s a big day for me as well, since my second novel, The Virgin Cure has just been published in the UK. I guess that makes us “Publication Day Buddies” of a sort. OK, that might sound a bit precious and silly, but I mention it here because I’m proud to have another, albeit tiny connection to She of Harry Potter fame. (Also, I’m sick as a dog and need something to distract me from a terrible head cold.)

Happy Pub Day, JK Rowling!

Waaaay back when my first novel, The Birth House was set to be published in the UK, one of my first readers across the pond was one of J. K. Rowling’s midwives. After she read the book she sent a lovely email to thank me for my work and to share her thoughts on the art and science of midwifery. What a thrill! (It also raised my lit-cred with my eldest son, who was a hard-core Potter devotee at the time.)

So, while I stumble from bed to couch and back again, slurping hot tea along the way, I’m sending best wishes to dear Ms. Rowling. I too, was once a single mom who scribbled while her child napped, letting the power of story transport me away from the weariness of life.

The UK edition of The Virgin Cure

But enough with the sentimental chatter…it’s time to break out the Jammie Dodgers and celebrate! Happy Pub Day, Ms. Rowling. Happy Pub Day to us!

My sincere THANKS to those who have been looking after my words in the UK:

Guy Pringle at NewBooks Magazine who read the novel early on and wrote a beautiful blog post about the joy of discovering a new work. It made me cry! The Virgin Cure at NewBooks Blog

The many readers at Lovereading UK who also read the book pre-publication and offered their reviews and thoughtful words. LoveReadingUK

And the brilliant team at Orion Books for your enthusiasm, your wisdom, and your faith in my work! Orion Publishing

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