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I’m often asked, how much research goes into your historical fiction? And more specifically with this new novel, was it difficult to write about New York City, (even the New York of another era,) while living in Nova Scotia?

The answer to the first question is loads. It takes a tremendous amount of research before I feel that I can even begin to create a world that will not only satisfy readers, but hopefully make them feel as if theyve been transported to another time and place. (good thing I love libraries so much.)

The answer to the second question is, I couldnt have written this novel any place but home.

I took three wonderful trips to New York for research, where I spent much of my time burying myself in pages from the past, but I couldnt get down to writing until I was settled back at home. There is something about the landscape here that allows my imagination to fly. Theres something about being surrounded by laughter and love that gives me the confidence to carry on with putting my pen to the page.

Now its time for me leave my nest so I can give this new story a proper send off. To those at home, I miss you already. To those Ill meet on the road, please forgive the ramblings of a homesick author.

And so I give you…

The Virgin Cure

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