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Izzy kitty
Izzy the kitty on the porch.

Welcome to the new digs!

My dearest web guru, Mr. McKay, has fashioned a swanky new site for my musings and all things bookish. (I love it, and I hope that you will too.)

I’d been feeling a bit scattered with all the blog-this and social-media-that, so the redesign is my effort to put all my “stuff” in one spot.

  • The posts from my old blog, “Incidental Pieces,” have been moved and archived, so I can close up shop at the Blogger account. I’ll be posting here from now on.
  • Searching for information about The Birth House or The Virgin Cure or Jerome? It’s here too. (Everything from reading guides to the groaning cake recipe to the hysteria quiz can now be found via this site.)

Franscrollow me, please.

Much of the impulse to pull things together into one website came after listening to the amazing Baratunde Thurston talk to Nora Young on the CBC radio program, Spark. The wise, ever-funny web editor of The Onion spoke of facing the same sort of dilemma asking the question – how do I bring my desire to stay connected into harmony with the every-day struggle of getting things done?

One of his solutions is something called franscrollow.  “Friend + Fan + Subscribe + Follow = Franscrollow. So please, franscrollow me. You’ll never be made obsolete by smelly geeks again. It’s the future, and you’re welcome.” – B.T.

To that end, I’m still on Facebook and Twitter (see the column on the right) – hopefully adding some moments of insight, reflection, discovery, and fun to the din of cyberspace.

I’m also resurrecting my email newsletter – (it’s now called Incidental Pieces, after my original blog.) I’ve always loved the idea of sending special notes and stories via email to whoever might want them, so bringing back the list seemed the right thing to do. As in the past, the messages will only be sent out occasionally (maybe once a month) and will contain thoughts that aren’t posted anywhere else. If you’re interested in getting these little missives in your inbox, please take a moment and sign up for the newsletter. (The sign-up is at the top of the column on the left. Be assured, I’ll never share your email with anyone for any reason.)

Well, that’s all I have for now, so I’ll wish you “Happy Summering” and get out to my garden. Thanks for visiting! More, soon…

(Today’s bloggy thoughts included inspiration from the following: Baratunde Thurston, Nora Young of Spark, and The Onion.)

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