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Sarah shares some of her fabulous ideas with me.


Sometimes 140 characters just doesn’t cut it, so I thought I’d introduce a new feature on my blog called “this week in tweets.” Every so often I’ll take a couple of my tweets from my Twitter feed and give you annotated versions of them.

“youngest boy lost his last baby tooth this a.m. and then left for a week at camp. Good thing this lonely mama has edits to revise. #writermom”

The boy-o was off to the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts for his first full week of overnight camp. Animation workshops! Pirates! Silly songs! Campfire! As the mom of an aspie kid, I tend to worry about how he’ll handle the transitions and changes that come from following a new schedule in a non-home environment. Change can be challenging (for him and for me) but he adores the staff there (as does our whole family) so I knew he’d be in an excellent place to embrace stepping out of his comfort zone. (It was a week of Mom stepping out of her comfort zone as well. Thanks to art, Mission accomplished.)

Discussing narrative, imagery and sound.


“Met with the amazing young film maker @speakersarahs today. Book trailer for #thevirgincure is in the works!”

Ross Creek Film Academy alum, Sarah Smith met with me in Wolfville this week to discuss creating a book trailer for The Virgin Cure. She’s got a great eye and I love her work, so I’m thrilled to have her on board for the project. She’s recently gotten involved with “Because I Am A Girl,” an organization I hope to work with in the future, so our teaming up this summer feels like perfect timing. I won’t say anymore about the trailer right now except, stay tuned…

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places and people in this post: Ross Creek Centre for the Arts and Because I am a Girl

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