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The title of one of my favourite Sondheim songs (from Sunday in the Park with George) seems fitting for this post. The days are rolling forward, and we’re getting closer to the premiere of Jerome: The Historical Spectacle. It’s been an incredible gift to be able to participate in the process of mounting the production and to witness the creativity and talent of the entire cast and crew.

Through the kind generosity of a local couple, we now have an authentic 1890’s Gypsy wagon on loan and on site for the set! What are the chances? There are steamer trunks galore scattered in the field next to the pond, and Madeline’ s sultry singing, accompanied by accordian, banjo and clarinet fills the air.

Designer, Denyse Karn’s costumes have come to life in spectacular fashion. The first time I saw them on the actors, I felt that the wildest parts of my imagination had somehow exploded and landed in the middle of a field at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts.
From her sketches…

To a Sideshow reality…

(photo by Rene Pierre Allain) featuring: Burgandy Code, Alex McLean, Alexis Milligan, Chris O’Neill, Ryan Rogerson and Sue LeBlanc-Crawford.

And if that hasn’t been exciting enough…the amazing team at Gaspereau Press has been putting together the publication of Jerome: The Historical Spectacle, along with a limited edition broadsheet of one of the songs. (Signed and numbered copies of the broadsheet, along with the book will be available at the performances and the proceeds will go to support Two Planks and a Passion Theatre Company and The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts.)

As the rehearsal process and the publication process have moved forward in tandem, I’ve been able to see what an amazing journey this has been. The book, with my personal notes as a forward, now feels like an old friend, a kind of field guide. The production has been a fantastic trek into the wilds of theatre. I’ve kept my field guide at my side to keep my course true, but if I didn’t look up and witness all the spectacular, wild, and important things the director, actors and crew have pointed out along the way, I would have definitely missed the point of the journey.

Performances of Jerome: The Historical Spectacle run from August 1- 17.
I hope to see you there!
For dates, times and ticket info go to: Two Planks and a Passion

The publication of Jerome: The Historical Spectacle is now available for pre-order from the following places:
Gaspereau Press

And available through your local Canadian Independent Booksellers

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