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I’m thrilled to announce that Karen Brody, playwright and creator of the BOLD project, has chosen The Birth House as the first pick for her BOLD book club.

BOLD’s mission is to get people to start reading books that educate, tell the truth and inspire action. It’s time to create a global “community of birth” that listens to and supports mothers giving birth. – Karen Brody

What’s most exciting to me about the BOLD book club is that it’s all about community.
Starting September 1, readers around the world will be discussing The Birth House via listserve. And, I’ll even get to have a call-in phone conversation with all of you!

Here are a few links to get you started:
Introduction and thoughts from Karen about The Birth House and BOLD book club

and…whether you’ve already read The Birth House, or you’re picking it up for the first time, here’s your chance to connect with readers from around the world.
How to join the BOLD book club.

Hope to chat with you on the listserve!

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