Quote of the Day!!!!

“We are committed to offering all women the choice of how and where they give birth.”
– Department of Health in the UK


From a BBC News article dated May 15, 2006 …

Women will be given every encouragement to give birth at home if that is their preferred option.

The Department of Health says it wants to end assumptions that a hospital is always the best place to have a baby.

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt has commissioned work into how to make home births more available.

The National Childbirth Trust welcomed the move, saying currently women were often discouraged by doctors from considering a home birth.

Expectant women will now be given more choice about giving birth either in hospital, at a birthing centre or at home.

And from Brenda Phipps, chief executive of the National Child Trust…

“It has taken 30 years for the government to realise that the policy of pushing every woman giving birth into hospital was misguided. It would be lovely to see it reversed,”

Amen, sister.

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Government to Promote Home Births

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