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It’s Cloud Illusions…
That’s a word cloud made from a random sampling of words from this blog. SO cool…
thanks to Nienke Hinton for posting a comment so I could visit her nifty blog which led me to discover word clouds at

Book Tour Tool Kit Love
The amazing advice keeps rolling forth from MJ Rose and Co. at Buzz Balls and Hype (and will continue into this next week!)
This past week featured bestselling author Lisa Tucker with advice and a quote from the diary of Virginia Woolf.

I always carry a copy of Virginia’s Woolf’s diary and I highly recommend this. The diary has fantastic insights about the writing process, but is also filled with her angst about publication and finding readers, such as: the book “came out 8 days ago and so far not a single review has appeared, and nobody has written to me or spoken to me about it, or in any way acknowledged the fact of its existence.”

Publicist Meagan Underwood Beatie and author J.A. Konrath weighed in with posts packed with helpful tid-bits and Dr. Sue devoted her Friday couch space to Zen and the Art of Book Tour Maintenance.

These conditions [being on the road for a book tour]could cause even a monk to crack. And, unlike Zen monks, authors tend to be self-flagellating, perfectionistic control freaks.

I’d better get my Om’s in shape before I hit the road.

BookLust Love
Over at BookLust, Patricia shares her enthusiasm over her invite to the upcoming Toronto NFoF event. I can’t explain it better than she does…so check out her post for all the details.

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