I love tea! I love the rituals that surround it, the colour that blooms in the bowl of a cup as it’s poured, the steamy first scent of it. Visit most any kitchen in Nova Scotia and you’re sure to be invited to “have a cuppa.”

Tealeaf reading (sometimes known as Tasseography, or Tasseomancy) is an ancient tradition known to many cultures. From China to Eastern Europe to the UK and across to North America, many a kitchen table, parlour, or gypsy wagon has been graced by women who read leaves (or sometimes coffee grounds) for entertainment and enlightenment.

A sip or two’s worth of liquid is left in the cup, along with the leaves that have settled in the bottom. The cup is turned and tipped and turned again, leaving images in the bowl of the cup for the reader to interpret. The closer the pattern is to the rim, the sooner the message will come into your life. There’s a special magic in sitting with a wise woman as she peers into your cup. Try it for yourself…just for fun…click the cup to see what Miss B. might find in your leaves

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