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Jammie Dodgers for all!

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Dear J. K. Rowling, “They say it’s your Pub Day, (insert guitar riff) It’s my Pub Day too, yeah! We’re gonna have a good time… I’m glad it’s your Pub Day, Happy Pub Day to you.” – with apologies to the Beatles. It’s September 27, 2012 and it’s a big day for Ms. Rowling since her first novel for adults, …

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Pear Tree Corner

In New York City history, New York Minute, The Virgin Cure, Uncategorized by ami5 Comments

It was my father who gave me my name. Mama said it came to him at a place called Pear Tree Corner – “whispered by a tree so old it knew all the secrets of New York.” The apothecary who owned the storefront there told my father that he could ask the tree any question he liked and if he …

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Music, when soft voices die

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Last night while I was cruising around facebook, a message popped up from Dr. Peggy Balensuela, voice professor extraordinaire. I’ve written about her in this space before, but it bears repeating – the time I spent in her studio while I was in university made an enormous difference in my life, and I’ve no doubt that she helped me become …