Daughter of Family G

The idea of Daughter of Family G first surfaced during a visit with my favourite CBC Radio producer-pal, Dick Miller. The conversation started with the usual, “what’s new?” and then wandered into talk about my upcoming trip to visit family in the States. Dick asked “any big plans for the trip?” I responded with “show off the new baby, catch up with the parents oh and have my blood drawn for genetic testing.” The next few minutes were spent discussing my family’s history with colorectal cancer as well as the pros and cons of making a radio documentary out of such an emotional and life changing experience.

The entire process, from deciding to have the testing done to getting the results and having my first colonoscopy, took about a year. At times, keeping my written and audio journals were the only things that made
waiting for the results, bearable. Other days, creating the documentary made things overly present in my mind and I was tempted to scrap the whole project. Ultimately, I have no regrets. I’m glad that I stuck with it to the end. (which was really just the beginning)

Daughter of Family G first aired on CBC Radio’s The Sunday Edition in Sept of 2002.
Listen to the documentary by clicking below

Since the documentary first aired in 2002, I have had many wonderful emails, letters and phone calls from people who felt a connection to my piece. Thank you all for taking the time to connect! Let’s keep the conversation going and get the topic of Hereditary Colon Cancer out in the open.

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