Reviews & Features for
“The Witches of New York”


Ami McKay’s The Witches of New York is a labour of love and testament to the craft
National Post by Robert J. Wiersema, ~14 Nov, 2016

“McKay’s prose is, as always, superb — the descriptions enchanting, the narrative arcs compelling, the characters dear (or deliciously sinister, as the case may be). “
Toronto Star by Tera Henly ~ 30 Oct, 2016

“More than just the historical fantasy it might appear to be, The Witches of New York is a compelling, fast paced read, with much more to say than one might expect.”
The AU Review, by Jodie Fairclough ~ 26 Oct 2016

“…packed with the wisdom of the ages and the authority of an author with a resonant message, this is a rich, chilling and thrilling story.”
Longridge News, UK~ 27 Oct 2016

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