My interview with the wonderful Shelagh Rogers – where we dish about inspiration, women’s history, the Lower East Side Tenement Musuem, and the streets of 19th Century New York. For CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter.

Erica Ehm of MuchMusic and YummyMummy Club fame surprised me at lunch one day with this lovely interview.


This is a well-shot video of my reading at the Halifax Public Library. It is about an hour long, but if you missed my readings and really want to see one, here it is. It is part of the Library’s amazing The Author Stage program. Be sure to look for some of your favourite writers in their archive.


Interviews related to the Birth House may be found here.


  1. MaryLynne Rimer


    I read The Birth House last month and loved it. I’m interested in the interview you did in Victoria on Shaw’s Studio 4 program. My book club will be reading the Virgin Cure very soon so would like to see that interview.


  2. Ian McKay

    Thanks for the comment. The interview is up on YouTube in 2 parts. If you do a google search for ami McKay studio 4 it should be easy to find.

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