September Song

The golden glow of the Bay.

It’s been a lovely summer here in Nova Scotia, filled with blossoms, bees, visits with friends, and the occasional cat nap. It was also a summer of tearing apart a leggy draft of a novel so I can build a better one.

Now it’s time to settle in for the hopeful, nose-to-the-grindstone stretch of days required to finish the book. I won’t be on social media much (if it all,) the next couple of months, but when I check in later this fall, I should have lots of new to share! Until then, I leave you with a few summery images from around the Bay.

Keep calm and keep bees...
Keep calm and keep bees…


cat in a basket.
cat in a basket.


early morning lilies
early morning lilies


a bird in the hand...
a bird in the hand…

buzz and dance

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