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Happy spring? This is the current state of my garden.
Happy spring? (This is the current state of my garden.)

A heavy fall of snow respects the cottage of St. Eumachus of Perigord (sixth century). One rigorous winter day, while St. Eumachus was occupied in prayer for the clergy and people of Perigord, a heavy storm of snow fell on all the surrounding country, but not a single flake fell on the cottage or in the little garden plot of St. Eumachus. We are told that an eagle with outstretched wings brooded over the cottage and garden, and protected them. – Les Petits Bollandistes, vol. ii. p. 414 (1880)

I read that passage during our most recent snowstorm in Scots Bay (one of many storms to hit Atlantic Canada in the last few months,) and marvelled at thought of what it would be like to witness a howling Nor’Easter being held back by the wings of a bird. Although my little corner of Nova Scotia is host to its share of raptors (bald eagles included,) it was the Great Eagles of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth that soared through my imagination as I silently wished for the storm to cease. (As you can see, I didn’t get my wish.)

Despite the wicked weather that seems determined to carry on into spring, I’ve had a few brushes with beauty in the last few weeks that’ve helped ease the harshness of this endless winter.

A bobcat took a stroll in front of my house...
A bobcat took a stroll in front of my house…
"I too am not a bit tamed..."
A “spotted hawk” swooped by (and accused me.)
And my "Birth House Baby" turned fourteen and took a walk on the beach.
My “Birth House baby” turned fourteen and took a walk on the beach.

As Joni Mitchell wisely wrote, “the seasons, they turn round and round,” and so I hold on to the knowledge that eventually the weather in my little corner of the planet will catch up with spring. Until then, I wish you many things at which to marvel, and many brushes with beauty.

Save the Date.

Although I’m still writing away on The Witches of New York, I’ll be poking my nose out of my hidey hole a few times this spring. I hope to see you at one (or all) of these events!

April 7 – The Atlantic Book Awards kick-off event. I’ll be headed to the beautiful new Halifax Central Library for the announcement of this year’s short lists as well as participating in a special “evening of conversation” with Atlantic authors Jon Tattrie, Valerie Compton and Alexander MacLeod. The event starts at 7pm and tickets are $12 at the door. (Proceeds go to assisting this amazing organization that helps foster and celebrate Atlantic voices and the written word.)

May 2 – Authors for Indies Day! I’ll be hanging out at Box of Delights Bookstore in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, ready to talk to YOU about books. Ever wondered what’s on my bookshelves or on the teetering TBR (to be read) pile on my nightstand? Come to the shop and let me match you up with your next read, or help you find the perfect book for someone special. Book club picks, Mother’s Day ideas, literary reads, geek dad finds, tween, teen and YA fiction, memoir, non-fiction…I’ll be there for you!

May 30 – Amnesty International panel on Literature and Human Rights – Halifax Central Library. (Details to come.)

Keep in Touch.

Last, but not least, I’ve got plans to revive my “Incidental Pieces” e-news in the next few months (I actually find it more reliable than Facebook for keeping in touch.) So, if you’re not on my newsletter list and you’d like to be (I send them out, at the most, once a month,) then take a second and use the handy-dandy form on the upper-left sidebar of this post.

Thanks! All best! Think Spring! 

Spring will come...



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