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I’m often asked, how much research goes into your historical fiction? And more specifically with this new novel, was it difficult to write about New York City, (even the New York of another era,) while living in Nova Scotia? The answer to the first question is loads. It takes a tremendous amount of research before I feel that I can even begin to create a world that will not only satisfy readers, but hopefully make them feel as if theyve been transported to another time and place. (good thing I love libraries so much.) The answer to the second question

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Miss Chatelaine

I’m thrilled to announce that The Virgin Cure has been chosen as the first pick in Chatelaine Magazine’s inaugural book club! The editors at Chatelaine have regularly shared their favourite books with readers in the past, and their online books discussion forum has been a fabulous part of their web site for years, so it’s truly exciting to see them bring these elements together to establish an official book club (in true Chatelaine style, of course.) To have my novel be their November pick is quite an honour. The November issue of Chatelaine is making it’s way to mailboxes, newsstands

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Coincidence? I think not.

After you’ve finished writing a novel, there comes a moment when you decide to pack up the notebooks, index cards, and sticky notes you’ve scattered through your life for the past few years and bid them a fond farewell. It’s a bittersweet process to be sure, but it’s also a time of excitement, because (if you’re lucky) there’s a new idea sitting in the back of your head waiting to find its way to the page. Before I put it all away, there’s a story I’d like to share, a story about the importance of accepting what comes your way

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