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Aliah and Sarah working out the details of the script...

Early in the summer I began working with Sarah Smith, an amazing young film maker and alum of the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts Teen Academy on a project inspired by The Virgin Cure. It was an honour to work with her and I have to say, when I viewed the final edit of the two-minute short yesterday, I was blown away. Such talent and heart – and she’s only seventeen!

Using a script made from snippets of the Prologue, she guided  homeschooler-dancer-Creekling-and now voice talent, Aliah Schwartz in recording the narration for the project.

Historical images from 19th century NYC tenements taken by Jacob Riis were paired with the script and then set to the music of Kevin MacLeod.

All I can say is – “Move over Ken Burns…”

Sarah is member of Because I am a Girl’s Speaker’s Bureau, and her passion for making the world a better place for all girls shone through in her work on the video. I’m pleased to say that we’ll be teaming up again for the Wolfville launch of The Virgin Cure in November, so stay tuned for more details on that front.

Three cheers for Sarah and Aliah  – you’re amazing young women who I know will take the world by storm!

(and a special thanks to my dear husband, Ian, who provided the title graphics for the project.)

And now, I’m thrilled to present – the work of Sarah Smith. (Feel free to pass it around and spread the word.)


  1. Melody

    Wow! Beautiful! I can’t wait ’til this treasure hits the US bookshelves! Cheers to all who made this video! Well done! 😀

  2. Duane Lowe

    You are right. Sarah did a great job on this. The stills, the music, the V/O, the pacing. All edited into a wonderful intro to The Virgin Cure. Cannot wait to read it!
    Best, Duane

  3. Cat

    your new book looks and sounds amazing!
    the video is a great touch
    nice job!

    just reading the Birth House for the second time, this time with my book club
    I look forward to your newest creations Ami

    love and light

  4. sue wolfraim

    Congratulations to Sarah and Aliah on a wonderful visual introduction to the book and to Ami Mckay for another fascinating read in The Virgin Cure! It keep me up until 4 in the morning, interrupted by a few hours of sleep after which I was able to focus on the remainder of the story. She paints the landscapes of the period vividly with her words, her characters solid, satisfying and believable.

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