a TARDIS, a sneak peek, and a giveaway…oh my!

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why yes, that is a TARDIS mug...

Things have been hoppin’ since my last post and the photo above sums up the past week pretty well.

Across the Pond…

For readers in the UK who’ve been asking when The Virgin Cure will reach their shores, I’m pleased to announce that the novel now has a home with the wonderful UK publisher, Orion. The following comes via Publisher’s Lunch:

Ami McKay’s THE VIRGIN CURE and THE WITCHES OF NEW YORK, a (very) young woman’s journey through the underworld of New York in 1871, to Genevieve Pegg at Orion, for publication in 2012, by Helen Heller at Helen Heller Agency.

Woohoo! I’m so excited. Date and details to follow.

For real.

Yesterday, the ARC (advanced reading copy) of novel #2 arrived on my doorstep. My family looked on as I did a happy dance and giggled like Anderson Cooper. (If you haven’t seen AC’s giggle fit on youtube, you really should. You’ll feel the glee for days.) Although an ARC is a sample copy with the traditional yellow cover of an uncorrected proof, the interior gives reviewers and industry folks a real sense of what the finished book will be like. It’s a time of celebration and nail-biting, since there’s nothing I can do to change it. “No regrets” is now my mantra. With every new book comes a new adventure, right?

Without giving any of the plot away, I will say that the page design is gorgeous. The amazing Kelly Hill has outdone herself and when I snapped the pic above it was hard not to take several more pictures so I could share all the bells and whistles with you.

Oh, OK, just one more ...

Speaking of Sneak Peeks…

Chapters bookstore in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia will be holding a fall preview to give readers a sneak peek at several upcoming fall titles. The event will be during store hours, starting at 1pm on Sunday, September 11. I’ll be on at approximately 2:30pm to talk about the inspiration behind The Virgin Cure and to give a reading from the book. I’ve been in NYC on other 9/11 anniversaries, but can’t make it there this year. I’m honoured though to be sharing some of my personal NYC history on that date with readers in Dartmouth. If you’re in the Halifax/Dartmouth area and want to hear a bit of the novel before its release in October, please come join me.

Last but not least.

While I don’t have any ARCs of the novel to give away at the moment, I do have a lovely box of the mass market paperback edition of The Birth House sitting on my kitchen table. (See it in the first pic? Isn’t it sweet?) The new edition also includes the Prologue and first chapter of The Virgin Cure, so I thought I’d give away THREE copies (SIGNED of course) to three readers who’d like this new edition of The Birth House and a sneak peek of The Virgin Cure.

I’ll take the names of all those who comment on this post and put them in a hat, then draw the winners from there. The draw is open worldwide, so comment away! (Please comment by September 1st, 2011 to be included in the draw. Winners will be announced on September 2nd, 2011.) Good luck!



  1. kim boswell

    Oh, Amy how exciting!!
    I can’t wait..but a sneak peek would help
    Thanks, great give away

  2. Dawn Jones-Graham

    Hurray!!! So proud of you, Ami… Congrats on landing UK’s Orion. And, you are so right about the page design. From what I can see in the sneak peak pics, it looks absolutely perfect. So excited for you!

    (P.S. You don’t have to put me in the drawing… lol)

  3. Blair

    Ooooh, this is all so exciting! Like, like like this! I loved The Birth House, can’t wait to read The Virgin Cure!!

  4. Blair

    Also, would love it if you came to New Brunswick! Pretty, pretty please? With cherries and whipped cream on top?

  5. Jen Young

    Congrats on the British publishing house! I’ve already told a good friend of mine over there to keep an eye out for it. =)

  6. Duane Lowe

    Hi Ami,

    I enjoy your blogs very much. Thanks for sharing so much with your fans! If I am in town (Dartmouth) on Sept. 11, I will come to see you at Chapter’s for sure. The Virgin Cure tweaked my interest from the first time you told me about your ‘next book’. Back then you didn’t even have a title LOL! Is your publisher sending you on a big promotional tour? Start eating your Wheaties now : )
    Best, Duane

  7. Anne White

    Can’t wait to read The Virgin Cure!
    I’ve marked September 11th. on my calendar and will be there, barring unforeseen complications!
    Might even bring along a daughter or two. 🙂

  8. Olga

    What a faboo prize! I’d love to read it! Congrats!!!

  9. Natalie

    They both look amazing! And I love Anderson Cooper’s giggle. It makes me smile every time I think about it!

  10. Janice huntley

    can’t wait to read your new book ,I think it will be the perfect past time for me after school starts. congrats again.

  11. Ardythe Lantz

    Can’t wait to read this new book! We are so proud to have you living in our little neck of the woods.

  12. Kim

    Hey, do you knit? If so, I totally need to send you some Tardis yarn! 🙂

  13. Cathy G

    Congratulations on your new book and the UK deal, Ami. I have been waiting patiently, ok so not so patiently, for your new book. The paperback looks lovely as does the Tardis mug. Wherever did you get it? Wish I was in Halifax for your preview, but alas my mother will be here visiting us from Halifax that week. Thanks for the blog and pics, always enjoy reading what is up in your corner of the country.

  14. Michelle Cole

    Ami, I am so excited for you! You are an inspiration for me in my own writing (though I’m not nearly as accomplished as you). I’ve read “The Birth House” twice, and I can’t wait for “The Virgin Cure” to come to the U.S.!
    Congratulations and keep on doing the happy dance…you deserve it!

  15. Cheryl Martyn

    I loaned my copy of the Birth House to a friend and she never returned it! So, I would love a new copy. My grandma was born in Scott’s Bay and I can’t wait to come and see
    her home!

  16. Melissa

    Looking forward to seeing you in HRM and reading your new release…cannot wait! We (Nova Scotians) are so lucky to have someone so talented here.

  17. Leona King

    Congratulations!! I’ve had my name down for a copy of “The Virgin Cure” at my bookshop ever since I heard it had gone to the publishers. I can hardly wait.
    Keep writing,

  18. Laura Best

    I’m so looking forward to reading this new book of yours, Ami. Such an exciting time for you. Congrats all the way!!

  19. Karleigh

    I LOVED The Birth House and can’t wait to read The Virgin Cure! Pick Me! Pick Me! 🙂

  20. Sue Leblanc

    Yay Ami! Can’t wait to read the new book!! Would love a crack at the contest – I loaned my signed copy of The Birth House to someone, and never got it back! All the best during this exciting time!

  21. Renee Meuse Bishara

    great news that your well awaited new book will be available very soon! I absolutely loved The Birth House, but don’t acutally own a copy. So I would be thrilled to have a copy of both. All the best with your new adventure and hope this book is even more successful than your first.

  22. Sue

    Loved your first novel and have been anticipating this one for a long time. Can’t wait to read it!!

  23. Jaime S

    That is so exciting! I can hardly wait for the release of The Virgin Cure. I re-read The Birth House this summer again. This was my fourth of fifth read of it but my first time reading it as an expectant mother. I completely read it with new eyes and new emotions this time. Re-reading The Birth House made me all the more excited for The Virgin Cure which, incidentantly, will be released right around my expected due date. Congratulations!

  24. Ami

    Posting the winner in just a few moments!!

    To answer your questions…
    Duane – Yes, I’ll be travelling across Canada from late October into December, giving readings and such. (Wheaties needed, indeed!)

    Kim – I do knit (when I have time) – and now that you’ve got me curious…what’s TARDIS yarn??

    Cathy G. – the TARDIS mug came from ThinkGeek.com

  25. Author

    I made a proper post above, but I’ll list the winners here as well…
    Renee Meuse Bishara, Kim Boswell, and Blair.

    Please email me at ami(at)amimckay(dot)com with your snail mail address so I can pop your books in the post! Congratulations all !!!

  26. Gail Burrow

    Hi Amy, I can’t believe u are going to be in Guelph Ontario on Nov. 15/11

    I live about 25 minutes from there. So I am sooooooooooooo
    looking forward to finally meeting u in person honey. We started to chat way back on the yayas….remember?
    Congrats on r new book too…. I will see u then.
    Gentle hugz, r friend QA/Gail Burroiws yayas

  27. Author

    Hurray Gail! I’m looking forward to it too. Hugs until then. A.

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