What’s cookin’

There’s a fair bit of excitement in my world these days as I move from editing mode to the three short months before the launch of The Virgin Cure in Canada. This past week I celebrated both my birthday and the arrival of the “pages” for the book. Along with marking yet another year older (and hopefully wiser,) I experienced the bittersweet feelings that come with having to truly let go of a story that’s been my constant companion the last few years. All boo-hooing aside, it was a thrill to see my words set on paper as they’ll appear

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This week in tweets

  Sometimes 140 characters just doesn’t cut it, so I thought I’d introduce a new feature on my blog called “this week in tweets.” Every so often I’ll take a couple of my tweets from my Twitter feed and give you annotated versions of them. “youngest boy lost his last baby tooth this a.m. and then left for a week at camp. Good thing this lonely mama has edits to revise. #writermom” The boy-o was off to the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts for his first full week of overnight camp. Animation workshops! Pirates! Silly songs! Campfire! As the

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What’s new pussycat?

Izzy kitty

Welcome to the new digs! My dearest web guru, Mr. McKay, has fashioned a swanky new site for my musings and all things bookish. (I love it, and I hope that you will too.) I’d been feeling a bit scattered with all the blog-this and social-media-that, so the redesign is my effort to put all my “stuff” in one spot. The posts from my old blog, “Incidental Pieces,” have been moved and archived, so I can close up shop at the Blogger account. I’ll be posting here from now on. Searching for information about The Birth House or The Virgin

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