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The news came at 7:15 am – Gaspereau Press co-owner Andrew Steeves announced to Don Connolly on CBC Nova Scotia’s Information Morning that a deal has been made to get more copies of the Sentimentalists on bookstore shelves. (You can read their official press release here.)

According to Steeves, plans for an alliance with BC publisher Douglas & McIntyre and Friesens in Manitoba began Wednesday morning, “as soon as I walked into the office.” The partnership will begin with Douglas & McIntyre printing 30,000 copies of the Giller Prize winner to help meet initial demand. This will take place alongside Gaspereau Press continuing to print their original edition of the book at approximately 1000 copies per week.

When asked if the two editions will be different, Steeves answered, “Yes, it will be very different, but our partner has the same passion and commitment to the book as we do.” He went on to speak of Douglas & McIntyre’s track record of being consistently recognized by the Alcuin Society for their excellence in publishing and design. “Douglas & McIntyre are always right there.”

“You have to pay attention to the exceptions.”

Steeves also made it clear in the interview that he’s learned much from the entire process, praising the Giller Prize for choosing judges who “looked at books more broadly” this year.

In a statement to this writer Steeves also said –

“My one regret is that “Toronto” gets uttered to mean bad, when that could never be the whole truth, and even that “Random House” gets used as a shorthand for all that is wrong with the world, when they do many good books, employ many bright people, and have a place in the ecosystem alongside Gaspereau. It just gets out of balance and celebrated as the one and only way, the main show, when even the people there, in their best moments, know that’s not so.

 Congratulations to Johanna, Gaspereau Press, Douglas and McIntyre and Friesens! 

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