best birthday present ever…

This is what my artistic wonder of a husband gave me for my birthday this year! It’s a sheet of copper (about 8X10) that he turned into an amazing piece of art. First, he created the image on his computer – using a 19th century map of NYC, the title of my forthcoming novel, and a gorgeous image of a moth. (I can’t tell you the significance of the moth right now, but the portion of the map he used is the exact area where the novel is set.) He then printed the image onto a sheet of transfer paper,

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My Tangled Bank

My desk. My tangled bank. When I was small, I loved to visit my great aunt who lived in South Bend, Indiana. The Bader Avenue house was designed and built for her by her husband. It boasted many nooks and crannies that I adored – a rooftop landing off her bedroom, a cozy sunroom that was perfect for reading, a functioning dumbwaiter (large enough for a child to crawl into and ride between the floors), and a basement filled with old treasures. To me, the most magical of the things that had “gone to live below” was a Victorian pump

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