in spite of the fact that your fuel might be low on your record player

The Birth House (or should I say – Gimdymo Namai) has just been published in Lithuania!I find the cover compelling. What do you think? I’m thrilled to be published by Vaga and have my work on the shelves in a country that is so cool, there’s a statue* honouring Frank Zappa in their capital city. “We never saw Zappa, but nobody ever saw God, and they still go to church,” says partner-in-crime Vytautas Kernagis, a respected Lithuania musician. “Lithuania is a nation of mythology, legends and fairy tales. Everything is mystified. People believe really quickly, and one of the myths

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time, time, time…

When I was in music school, I took a side job as a professor’s office assistant. I had done similar work for other faculty members before – marking papers, schlepping to the library for research, even putting in a few hours as an occasional house sitter.This job was different. This particular person (who I had greatly admired for many years) had gotten himself into a real bind and couldn’t seem to get out of it alone. While the office itself didn’t look all that disastrous to me, the Prof. had come to the conclusion that it was uninhabitable. He said

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