A Stitch in Tme…

From time to time I’ll be sharing some words from my personal journal/sketchbook for my next novel, The Virgin Cure. In this first installment, I’m journaling about my recent experience of learning to suture. (The Virgin Cure is set in NYC in the 1870’s and is inspired by my great-great grandmother and her fight to practice medicine in an era when female physicians were considered freakish and impossible.) Sally the Seamstress from The Nightmare Before Christmas August 31, 2007 – Learning to SutureYesterday, I learned to suture.Why would I want to do such a thing?1. It’s an essential medical technique.2.

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Fall Fare

Here’s a round-up for today… As most of you know, I’ve always been partial to the “pregnant belly” covers of The Birth House. So, when the cover proof for the upcoming US trade paperback from Harper Perennial arrived the other day, I placed it next to “the bellies” to see how I felt about it. And, now that I’ve seen it, up close and in person…I’m loving it! It’s fresh while still carrying a sense of historical depth – and, the font for the title, rocks. (I’m such a font junkie…) As the nifty little widget to the lower right

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