catching fireflies…

Today while hanging laundry on the line I thought I saw a firefly going by. Hard to say what it was in the daytime, and I was mid-clothespin so I couldn’t leap off the porch to pursue it. I’ve yet to see one in Scots Bay… and I miss grabbing those little floating orbs of glow out of the humid night air.
(On the other hand, I don’t miss the mosquitoes of Indiana.)

The last couple of months have felt a lot like catching fireflies. I’ve been chasing after new dreams, new writing, and myself, hoping to hold light in my hands – at least for a little while. Sometimes I don’t get it right, my thoughts and dreams escape my grasp. But, when I do manage to catch them, I bottle them in my head hoping they will pulse and glow long enough for me to get my hands on pen and paper.

Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been out – catching words, like fireflies.

After the ball is over…

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There is no frigate like a book

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