wise women wrap-up

There’s one last stop on the Wise Women Blog Tour today… Judith Lothian, a nurse and childbirth educator with more than 30 years of experience, and co-author of The Official Lamaze Guide, interviews me for the Giving Birth With Confidence Blog. We chat about the restoration of the “real” birth house, the place of birth within the community, how birth is played out in fiction, and how characters reflect the past and present. (I’ll also be doing some guest blogging over at the GBWC blog this next month!) I’ve had a fantastic time during the WWBT and I hope you

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straight talk with Sheila

From her web site: Sheila Kitzinger.com – Sheila Kitzinger campaigns for women to have the information they need to make choices about childbirth. She is a strong believer in the benefits of home birth for women who are not at especially high risk. Sheila is also concerned to give a voice to pregnant women and new mothers in prison and has worked to free them from chains during birth, to keep mothers and babies together unless a woman can be shown to be a danger to her baby, and to provide woman-to-woman help to prisoners during birth. Here’s what been

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News Flash!I’m thrilled to announce that Karen Brody, playwright and creator of the BOLD project, has chosen The Birth House as the first pick for her BOLD book club. BOLD’s mission is to get people to start reading books that educate, tell the truth and inspire action. It’s time to create a global “community of birth” that listens to and supports mothers giving birth. – Karen Brody What’s most exciting to me about the BOLD book club is that it’s all about community. Starting September 1, readers around the world will be discussing The Birth House via listserve. And, I’ll

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August 27 – WWBT

Ren Allen is an unschooling mama in Tennessee. We first ‘met’ online via email (waaaay back when), after she read an article I had written for soulfulliving.com. Happily, we have stayed in touch over the years and I’m always amazed at the new connections we find we have to one another. It was pleasure to be interviewed for her blog, Learning in Freedom! Check out Part I – Learning in Freedom

Wise Women Blog Tour – August 26

Today’s stops on the Wise Women Blog Tour include: Saturday Morning Cuppa!Veronika Robinson, editor of The Mother magazine shares her personal and insightful thoughts about birth, The Birth House as well an interview with me. Thanks so much Veronika! And…Milliner’s DreamA Doula educator (and woman of many hats – wife, mother, birth doula, postpartum doula & childbirth educator, student nurse, employee, advocate, writer, speaker, mentor, volunteer, etc.) shares her review of The Birth House. She writes honestly and brings the book into the context of today’s birthing choices. I send my thanks to her as well!

getting BOLD with Karen Brody

Karen Brody with her children – photo by Anna Vasquera-Vasques Karen Brody is another wise woman I met via the internet. Like Ahri Golden, she’s all about shining a big spotlight on the issues surrounding childbirth. Her play, Birth, is a testimonies play about childbirth in America, and moves between first person monologues, some dialogue, and the voices women hear on the day of giving birth. This year, the play will be performed in cities around the world (India, Malta, Bermuda and many cities in the US including Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Austin and Washington to name a few!)as

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