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I’ve never been meme’d…but my lovely blogging buddy Dovegreyreader has seen it fit to tag me and make me a meme-virgin no more. This Very Selective Book Meme came her way via Ex Libris, and now it’s on to me to fill in the blanks. Here goes… 1.One book that changed your lifeTo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper LeeI first read this book when I was young…maybe eleven or twelve. I can remember feeling changed by it and thinking, ‘here is someone who understands that ALL stories count, that there is importance in ALL observation.’ I will always be grateful

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shining a book!

The Dutch Cover of The Birth House The Birth House is now out in The Netherlands via Luitingh ~ Sijthoff. It’s amazing to see the title of the book in another language. During the months leading up to the publication, I wondered how my words would come across to people in far away places, if they would connect to what I’d set out to do…even in translation. Happily, a note came to my inbox the other day from a muslim midwife in Holland. She sat down at her computer to send word that she was ‘sitting down to tea with

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editorial dish…

A while back I posted an email interview with Canadian book designer, Kelly Hill.Now I’m pleased as punch to welcome another member of the incredible Knopf Canada team to Incidental Pieces…editor, literary midwife, and new mama, Angelika Glover. I’ll preface the interview by saying this…In the past few years I’ve heard many people say that the art of book editing is dead. Reviewers sound the cry, “where was the editor?” I’m here to say, my editors were right there with me the entire way. Both Diane Martin and Angelika were supportive and helpful, guiding The Birth House to publication. Part

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