Oh, Oh Shelagh!

That’s me and Shelagh!

I’ll write a detailed blog about my day in Halifax and my interview with Shelagh Rogers (of CBC Radio’s Sounds Like Canada)in the next day or so. (I had a fabulous time. It truly felt like I was having a chat with a dear friend. She’s amazing and just as generous and witty as can be.) If you missed the interview or you’d like to pass it along to others, the wonderful CBC crew has posted it on the Sounds like Canada Web site so you can listen to it any time you like! (thanks Shelagh, Natasha, and Stewart for a fantastic morning!)

Ami’s Interview on Sounds Like Canada

If you heard the interview and your’e looking for the hysteria quiz I was giving Shelagh…It’s on my novelties page at thebirthhouse.com:
Hysteria Quiz and more!

Groaning Cake
I’ve had a lot of requests for the groaning cake recipe as well, so here’s the link
Make your own groaning cake!

Just the girls having fun…(Shelagh, Natasha and Ami)

the view from here


Snowfall Warning!

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