Ah ‘blurbs’…those nifty endorsements you see on the back cover of books and one of the rites of passage for a first time author. As a newcomer (essentially a publishing nobody), I was pretty nervous about the whole process of getting quotes for my novel. I talked things over with my editor, we came up with a ‘wish-list’ and she sent out the manuscript and went to bat for me. It was hard for me to imagine that another writer would be willing to read my manuscript, let alone take the time to say a few kind words about it.

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at the edge of the earth

Writer, painter, birdwatcher, and bog walker, Brenda Schmidt has written a thought provoking article for Book Ninja called:Causing a Scene. Poet Schmidt, a veteran of the frosty north country of Saskatchewan and long-time Bookninja discussant, looks deep into her motivations for living so far out of a literary “scene” and wonders just why some people choose to live in relative isolation, as she does, while others would wilt like hothouse flowers if they were away from the bustle and schmooze of a major literary centre. The questions Schmidt puts forth in the article (to herself and to other authors) are

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