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When I first moved to Nova Scotia from Chicago (wow, it’s been six years…) I often longed for familiar voices. For some reason that kind of lonliness would hit first thing in the morning, at an hour (because of the time zone differences) that was too early to call friends and family back home. Then I discovered This Morning and Shelagh Rogers on CBC radio. Shelagh’s enthusiasm, friendliness (and that bubbly laugh of hers)reminded me of long talks with my girlfriends, and late nights when I’d tell stories to make my sister giggle until she’d whimper, “shut-up, I gotta pee!”

After spending the summer waiting for the new fall season of CBC radio and some new words from Shelagh, it looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer. (Although I’m hopeful that the talks that resumed yesterday with the CBC and CMG will bear some sort of agreement, soon.)In the meantime, if you’re missing your daily dose of Ms. Rogers, you can get a fix with the podcasts from her The Caravan Unlocked cross-Canada tour. Here’s the description from her blog:

Take a mini-van, include a well-known locked out CBC Radio host, add in a couple of stray radio producers and aim east.

That’s the formula that Shelagh Rogers and friends are using for their new project, The Caravan Unlocked.

The Caravan Unlocked will see Shelagh and her two colleagues moving west to east, visiting as many Candian Media Guild (CMG) picket lines as they can, starting with the one at CBC Victoria.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Shelagh! Hope you don’t have to come all the way to Halifax, but if you do, we’ll have a cuppa waiting for you!

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The Caravan Unlocked

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