Last week I had to sit down and write the acknowledgements for The Birth House. It was a humbling and emotional experience. (I walked around for two days in a state of perpetual gratitute before I could even put pen to paper.)Then I made a list…the names of all the people who had helped, cheered, and nudged me along during the writing process. By the time I had strung them all together with proper thanks, I was in tears. A friend, who has been contemplating his own list recently said, I find myself wanting to thank my primary school teachers

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lock-out links

I’m posting a few links to go along with my recent post, “what a waste!” All around good-guy, tech expert and podcaster, Tod Maffin has all kinds of nifty lock-out information, including a list of blogs by locked out CBC workers.Tod Maffin’s blog i love One of the most popular links from Tod’s is a blog written by a ‘supposed’ manager calling him/herself “Ouimet”, working (and blogging) from behind the lines.Tea Makers And…I can joyfully give you the link to CBC Unplugged, a group of locked out producers and workers who are coming together to have a ‘say’ via

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what a waste!

Here I was, happily cruising through the summer months, listening to lots and lots of CBC radio (have you heard “Wire Tap” by Jonathan Goldstein? a wonderfully quirky listening experience that I highly recommend)and WHAM-O, (not like the frizbee making company of the 1970’s, but more like the “holy-flying monkees, Batman” kind of Wham-o!) the CBC lock-out shut me out as well. I’m with the CMG (Canadian Media Guild) on this one. The CBC isn’t playing fair. Over the last few years the CBC has made it increasingly difficult for new talent to find reasons to stick around…they’ve been stringing

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