and all that jazz

Summertime and the listenin’ is easy… I’ve now entered a blissful period of creative improvization. The Birth House has gone to copy-edit and I’m feeding my soul and brain with all kinds of nifty this-and-that. (Time to go to the well and get some of that deep, clear, cold water) To that end, I’ve been reading, researching, looking at art, taking long walks, digging around in the garden, watching movies, and listening to music. One musical gem that has made me smile (and dance around the living room like a lounge singer from Vegas) is Paul Anka’s latest, Rock Swings.

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i hear a symphony

ABACABA This past week I saw an episode of TickleScratch Production’s The Writing Life featuring Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer. (The Writing Life is a wonderful series, giving a candid look into the lives of Canadian writers.) Kathryn’s interview was balm for my scribbling soul. She talked about balancing being a mother with her writing and said that she felt that her writing was better for having had children. I nodded in agreement when she said: “After going through labour, I felt I could do anything.” Goodness knows I’m not saying you have to have given birth to be a writer. It’s just

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