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A Matter of TasteThis morning I listened to a wonderful discussion on CBC Radio’s The Sunday Edition. Michael Enright hosted a conversation with a guest (maybe it was Bob Carty?) concerning taste in music. They weren’t concerned with individual likes and dislikes, but in tackling the more important question of, “What makes for a tasteful musical performance?” My favourite example of taste vs. tasteless performances came when they compared the original broadway cast recording of West Side Story (Larry Kert singing, “something’s coming”) to a Deutsche Grammophon recording with Jose Carreras singing the same selection. (click on the singer’s names

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Here’s a couple of nifty things I stumbled upon the last few days. Translation: I’m still hammering away at last minute revisions so I haven’t much brain power to devote to pondering the Universe (or my toes) and write about it. Still, it’s some cool stuff. Shelf Awareness Shelf Awareness will focus on what’s happening now in book retailing and lending. We’ll talk regularly with booksellers and others close to the retail action. We’ll report on bookselling news and cover industry issues. We’ll cover books that are coming out now or have hooks whether based on media, anniversaries, movie and

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