OK, I admit it…

I liked the first episode of Stacked.

I was ready to pan it, but I actually enjoyed it, laughing out loud more than a few times. I know…who would have thought? Two geeky bookstore owners, a swell gal behind the coffee counter, a nutty professor, an ex-wife+2 kids, a tatooed rocker, and Pamela Anderson’s bombshell character-Skyler, all poking fun at celebrity written novels, self-help books, author photos, and of course, boobs.

I imagine that many in the publishing biz are going to want to get on the Pammie-train. (and won’t she have the last laugh over all those snobby (jealous) critics who whined about her book contract?) I don’t hate her because she’s beautiful, I love her because she had two homebirths with a midwife!

Talk about savvy marketing…

The show’s already hooked-up with Friendster for a series of blogs penned by the cast. Once there, you can become a personal ‘fan’ of any member of the cast, linking yourself to their blog, their profile, and a list of their favourite books. Did you know one of Elon Gold’s favourite books is Bonfire of the Vanities? Now you do.

Aside from the ‘parody’ books that were featured in tonight’s episode, I was able to notice a few covers of current titles on the literary market. There was a prominently placed poster for Edward P. Jones’ The Known World in the background of quite a few shots and I’m pretty sure it was Paul Quarrington’s Galveston that was propped up on one of the tables. (please let me know if you had any other title spottings?)

I wonder how far publishing execs will go to get prime-time placement for their books on the set????

When the bookstore owner suggests a nobel-prize winning author’s tome of social commentary, Skyler (Pam’s character) says: I don’t want it, he looks mean.

Bookstore owner replies: You can’t buy a book based on the author’s photo! That’s the same as judging a book by it’s cover.

Of course I had to laugh over that one…since just last week I posted a rant about the dreaded author pose and my obsessing over having my photo taken for the book jacket. Pam, have you been reading my blog again? Call me…
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