Peg’s Hand

In an effort to simplify the most gruelling part of the book-publication process – the dreaded Authour Tour – I dreamed up the concept of a remote book signing device. The author would be able to relax at his or her home base, and could see and speak with a book-buyer in a bookstore thousands of miles away. That much can happen already. But in addition, the author would be able to actually sign – in real time, and with real ink – the book-buyer’s book. Margaret Atwood, Me and My Monster Hand, The Globe and Mail, Saturday, January 22,

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Thank You, Susan Sontag (1933-2004)

I first read Susan Sontag’s Illness as a Metaphor while working on my graduate thesis in musicology and then again while writing the radio documentary, Daughter of Family G. Despite the controversy that has often surrounded her writing, I will always appreciate Ms. Sontag for the honesty she brought to the page and her straight forward approach in writing about cancer. “I want to describe, not what it is like to emigrate to the kingdom of the ill and live there, but the punitive or sentimental fantasies concocted about that situation: not real geography, but stereotypes of national character. My

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Butterfly Peace Garden Kids Photo – Paul Hogan

Butterfly Peace Garden

Surrounded by images and news of the aftermath of the Tsunami in South East Asia, we in the West are left feeling helpless and wondering what we can do to help. So many have already given what they can, but of course we know that it’s still not enough. Others haven’t gotten around to it yet, too busy with getting life back to normal after the holidays, or simply feeling lost when faced with having to choose from the many organizations reaching out to the world for assistance. I offer the following, not as another poke with the charity stick,

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