Whoa nellies!

It’s nearly summer and most people are thinking of slowing down, trying something new, taking a trip to the cottage. For me, summer 2005 means driving around the province for little league baseball games, getting out in the garden, getting the novel in tip-top shape and watching (and participating in) this year’s political fireworks.

I’m taking a moment to shake a finger at anyone who’ll pay attention…please, for the love of democracy and the freedom of expression…VOTE.

In Canada, the federal election comes at the end of June. (June 28-June 28- June 28) We are counting the days now, so watch the debates and watch your mailbox for your little reminder card that tells you where to go to cast your ballot.

Elections Canada

I heard a disturbing documentary on CBC radio a couple of weeks ago. Evidently, there’s an enormous amount of young women out there (ages 18-30) who aren’t planning to vote. To quote one voice, “I’m just not informed. I don’t think I want to. *insert giggle*” Endearingly dubbed the ‘sex and the city vote’ by campaign gurus, they can’t seem to find a way to ‘speak’ to these girlies. Well listen up sisters, I’m speaking to you now!

Do you have any idea how long and hard the women before you, your great great grannies and aunties, fought so that YOU could have the right to vote? Ever heard of the word SUFFRAGE? (Women in the U.S. go here to find out how to register to vote)

League of Women Voters

If you think there aren’t any issues on the table that affect you, think again. If you think your vote doesn’t count, think again. If every young woman across Canada and the U.S. cast their ballots this June and November respectively, you, my dear ladies could change the world! (Canadian women, go here to make an online pledge to vote.)

Young Women Vote 2004

Maybe I can mention a few things that will change your mind.

Women’s Rights

Women’s REPRODUCTIVE rights

Funding for women’s health

Federal funding for Daycare

Roe vs. Wade

and guess what, all-American-girls, the Draft may now apply to YOU.

Draft returning in 2005

You can bet your wonderbra that I’ll be sending in my vote back to the U.S.

If you were thinking of NOT voting, shame on you…what would June Callwood say?

(By the way, dear June turned 80 not too long ago and is wheeling around in a new Miata. Happy Birthday, June!)

June’s Bio

Please pass this message on to any ‘nellies’ you know.

I’ll be sending more ‘bite size blogs’ in the days to come…sharing my favourite finds of the summer.

Happy cottaging, happy voting!

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