Farewell Fannie May

Fannie Mayis closing her doors. Have you ever tasted a Trinidad? If not, then you missed out on an amazing delicacy that was…a silky, sensuous, cholately truffled center huddled in cloak of toasted coconut and white chocolate. My first time? Joey B. made me eat one. “A sure cure for heartaches and hangovers” he said. That was before Chicago, where Trindads were plentiful as well as Garretts popcorn and State street, that great street. But I’m also thinking of “Trinidad, and the town Honolulu and the big Mississippi and the lake Titcaca. The Popocatepetl is not in Canada, rather in

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Almanacs and Resolutions

One of the long standing holiday traditions in my family has been getting a copy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac in our stockings. It was a rite of passage to see the hint of goldenrod yellow poking out the top of my sock on Christmas morning. (I was probably twelve or thirteen when I first received my own personal copy.) Even now I have several year’s worth tucked on a shelf in my kitchen and a few stray editions on a small table in the bathroom. I faithfully circle the dates of the full moons, lunar and solar eclipses as

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