Learning to Write

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. and I’m glad to be in Canada…where I can still watch the Macy’s Day Parade via satellite and not have to worry about cooking an enormous turkey or wonder why the Governor of Florida allows the Miami police to hunt down innocent protestors (and people walking down the street minding their own business) with rubber pellet guns. Common Dreams Headlines Well, I suppose I’d still wonder about good old Jeb no matter where I lived. If you are wondering too, why don’t you write him a letter and let him know what you’re thinking.

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I can see why the Celts chose this as the time of year for new beginnings. The night comes on so quickly now…cold enough to turn thoughts inward, leaving them unexpected and sometimes dark. Things I have been dreaming of, wanting, are coming to the surface, leaving me a bit frightened as well as excited. It’s good to have those feelings. I am learning to run towards them rather than turning away. The Northern Lights have shocked the sky over my house the past couple of nights. The first night, we lost power just as they started. A balmy south

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